Cleaning in place

C.I.P. plants and skid brewery equipment.

Our C.I.P have different number of C.I.P tanks and thank size size proportionally to the size/importance/automation of the plants to be sanizied.

They are adaptable for brew houses from 4hI to 100hl.

They are also available in manual on automatic version, with PLC versions.

PLC and automatic valves to easily control the cleaning process.

Template Tanks Pump power Dimensions
CIP 1002 2×100 lt 1,5 Kw 1400x800x1200H
CIP 1007 2×200 lt 2,2 Kw 1800x1000x1750H
CIP 1008 3×200 lt  2,2 Kw 2400x1000x1750H
CIP 1009 3×400 lt  3,0 Kw 2700x1150x1800H
CIP 1010 3×1500 lt 4,0 Kw 3800x1600x2000H
CIP 1011  3×1500 lt + enzimi 5,0 Kw 6000x800x2300H


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